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Preteen Girls

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Welcome to a site just for preteen girls! I'm just another girl who made this as her first site, and still updates it every once in awhile. My name is Lauren. If you need another website for preteens that's professional, just go to

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Good Charlotte, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance.

Favorite TV show: Heroes and 24 are the best.

Favorite movie: Disturbia, Blades of Glory, Music and Lyrics, hopefully Transformers, and Harry Potter (seeing 5th tomorrow -- July 12)

Favorite book: The IT Girl Series, Twilight Series, Clique Series, all Sarah Dessen books.

Favorite food: Mac & Cheese, Tacos, Cheese Pizza, Cheeseburgers, and for dessert vanilla ice cream with caramel (or butterscoth)

My Hobbies

Idk. I like using AIM, soccer, sketching, reading, writing, watching tv, and computer is definitely always good.

Most Admired

A lot of people. My family, for the most part, who have always supported me. I can always turn to them when I'm in need of help, courage, and comfort.


Favorite Links

Neopets: Don't believe the hype. Neopets is not a site for little kids. It is a pastime for those who are bored, and if you don't have a myspace it's fun also. It was actually designed for bored college students, but the most who use it are teenagers, and alot are girls.

Home Star Runner: This is the funniest site ever! Not exactly a kids site. It has humor that some people understand, and some do not. I think this is a great site if you have nothing to do. lol.

Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at: